Wire harness tapes need to securely bundle wires and withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. In addition, wire harness tapes for automotive engine compartments have to be highly resistant to abrasion, whilst tapes are used to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in interiors.

Product Code-31W13
Product Colour

Product Specification

Test UOM Typical Values Test Methods
Width mm 19± 1 ASTM D 1000
Thickness mm 0.110± 0.010 ASTM D 1000
Length M 25 ASTM D 1000
Adhesion to steel Kg / 19 mm width ≥ 0.400 ASTM D 1000
Adhesion to backing Kg / 19 mm width ≥ 0.350 ASTM D 1000
Tensile Strength Kg / 25 mm width ≥ 4.00 ASTM D 1000
Elongation % 180 ASTM D 1000
Breakdown Voltage KV 5.0 ASTM D 1000
Flammability FR ASTM D 1000
Unwind Force Kg/19 mm width ≥ 4.00
Shelf Life Please note that, shelf life is one year at 27 ±2°c and at relative humidity 50% to 60% from date of manufacturing. Kindly store the material in dry place way from sunlight